My Fitness Journey

06/07/24 – Day 1

Today I decided to start my fitness journey by doing a minimum 20-minute workout each day. I will do a home workout and later if I work consistently, I will join the gym.
At first, I measured my weight, which was 89 kg, and took some pictures. I will be tracking my weight and pictures of my body to see the progress of my journey.

But today was my first time after a long gap, I was tired in the first round. I was all sweaty. I could not perform a full set, and I didn’t focus on my rest time. I felt my thigh muscles and abs were paining during my work at night shift. This is the workout routine I did today.

My Workout Routine

  1. Jumping jack * 40 second
  2. High Raise knee *40 second
  3. 10 half burpee
  4. 10 push up
  5. Squat* 20 rep
  6. Plank * 60 second
  7. Crunches* 20 rep
    Each three sets.

I don’t want to post the image of the current shape of my body but I will post after 3 to 6 months if I will be continue this journey with discipline. Now, I am not focusing on my nutrition and diet because I want to start this journey step by step and want to create the habit of working out not the goal to reach a certain weight.

My Day-1 Fitness Journey

My Reflection

The day – 1 workout was both challenging and rewarding as well. As this is my first day, it boosts my mood and energy level throughout the day. I will keep improving the form of my workout and buy some tools to advance my workout. I hope my fitness challenge will inspire you and keep motivating your fitness journey. Always say day one instead of one day.

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