My day at Blackpool! July 5 2024

Today was my night off, I discussed with my wife how to spend our free time. So I ended up deciding to go to visit Blackpool. I woke up at 5:30 AM and did a light workout and meditation. Then I started an HTML course to acquire new skills. She woke up at around 6:30 and got fresh. And I started cooking biryani to take Blackpool. We got prepared and started our journey at 10 o’clock.

Glimpse of the day in Blackpool

I think the transportation charge is quite expensive in the UK and black was a 2.5-hour journey. We had 4 stations changed to reach Blackpool. The train was not so busy and we at some snacks there. Around 1 o’clock we reached Blackpool, it was an amazing place to visit. Some of the beautiful places to visit are Blackpool North Pier South Pier, Blackpool Pleasure Beach, and Blackpool Tower. Most of the places are the paid ones to visit and I felt it was worth paying and visiting the places.

Selfie with love

We didn’t spend much money in restaurants as we had our homemade lunch and snacks. She had a cup of coffee sitting near the beach. It felt good to take a break from work and spend time in nature with my love. It was a worthy investment of time and money to make this time memorable. Honestly, the weather was not as we expected, it was partly cloudy and a bit cold due to the wind near the beach.

However, while returning to the room, the train was overcrowded and most of the passengers were drunk, screaming and shouting on the train. It was quite annoying and after the first station change, it was again normal. Also, we missed the train And reached home around 9:0 pm.

Overall it was a nice day spending my time with my wife. Even though some things didn’t go as planned, we have to accept the fact and be grateful for what we have. I am trying to build the foundations of the 3 pillars of our life that is money health and relationship.

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