My Daily Routine as a Night-Shift Worker:


I started this blog to document my daily activities, which will help me track my progress in various aspects of my life like health, wealth, and relationships. As I have worked the night shift for the last 2 years, it is quite challenging for me to manage my time for my improvement journey. Now I made up my mind to find the right balance between my work, my personal long-term goal, my health and my relationship.

I will share my daily routine where I will do a 20- 30 min workout, start to learn web development, read self-help books or academic books, film and edit videos for my YouTube channel and spend time with my love on work-off days. These activities will help me to keep my body physically fit, mentally alert and emotionally balanced.

I will post my daily activities and what I did during the whole day in different categories from tomorrow. I will categorise my activities into 1. My health and fitness journey, 2. Skill Acquisition Journey, 3. My Relationship and 4. Book Adventures and Journaling.

My Weekly Planner

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My Fitness Journey (Physical and Mental Health)

As I work the night shift, I will be home after 8: 30, So I will do the workout as soon as I come home and shower. I will start my workout journey from home with cardio and flexibility exercises which include 10 minutes of meditation as well for my peaceful mind. if it continues for more than 4 months then I will join a gym to gain better shape 😉

My Skill Acquisition Journey

I will start to skill acquisition journey by learning web development with the help of online platforms which are paid and free. I will buy one course and share my experience and process of learning through my daily posts.
I will use a minimum of 2 hours of my time either before going to bed or after I wake up and before going to work. I will post what I learned and what I am learning daily in the coming blog post.

Also, I will make YouTube videos of my self-improvement journey which will help me to develop my video editing skills, and communication skills and more than that it is easy to document my self-improvement journey in the form of video.

Download the Template

Reading Books and Gratitude Journaling

I am thinking of reading non-fiction books on various sectors like business, new skills, biography and self-help books. I will write a post on the key takeaway from the book that I have read. I will read a minimum of 10 pages of the chosen book.
I will read physical or Kindle books as Kindle is cheaper than the physical one and easy to carry everywhere, and also I will share the amount of money I spend on reading books :D.

Also, I will write a journal of gratitude reflecting on the day’s achievements and challenges. I believe these habits will create peace of mind and make me how grateful I am for who I am, what I have and what I will become.

Maintaining Relationship

My all family members are in my home country. I am here in the UK with my wife and I have no one other than her. So, I will spend my time with my love on my night off. I’m gonna share how I spend my time with her, mis-
understanding, care and support need to be taken in relationships.


In conclusion, As my work is at night, I created this my daily routine to manage my time to invest in myself to maintain a work-life balance. By devoting time to fitness sessions, increasing my web development skills, creating entertaining material for YouTube, and indulging in enriched reading experiences, I try to boost my general well-being and professional advancement. This structured approach ensures that each day brings new opportunities and challenges for my growth and achievement and keeps me motivated as well.

Furthermore, I hope, this routine will also help you all readers to inspire and motivate you to manage your time and focus on yourself to develop new skills, get better health and shape and maintain healthy relationships along with your job whether it’s night or day.

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