My Fitness Journey Day 3

My Fitness Journey


Today was my day 3 of this fitness journey. I did 10 minutes of mindful meditation after my night shift. After that, I started my workout covering the following routine.

  1. Jumping jack
  2. High knee raise
  3. Back heel raise
  4. Squat
  5. Plank
  6. Pushup
  7. Russian twist and crunch
  8. Stretching.

Today I just managed to do 2 repetitions of these workouts for 10 minutes. Still, this workout is effective for my body to gain strength and endurance.
Today I ordered 5 Kg dumbbells and roller to make my workout routine more effective.
I am unsure how much the product will enhance my fitness journey, but I will try to increase my workout time. I will write a review of the product I purchased.

Nutrition and diet: –

I know nutrition is crucial for the health and fitness of our body. However, I am not following any nutritional plan in this journey. It’s been more than 2 years since I haven’t taken raw sugar, alcohol, cigarettes and tea. But I drink soda water and eat ice cream sometimes.
Besides this, I am a big fan of rice and potatoes and the quantity of rice and potatoes intake is too much 😀
Carbohydrate intake is much higher compared to protein.
I will exclude all the food items containing too much sugar and carbs. And add more items which is the main source of protein.

My Reflection on my Fitness Journey

overall, the workout was effective for my body and mind. I feel like the winner continuing my journey without any excuses. I know, that doing a 10-minute workout will not change my shape rapidly but at least I am on the journey of being fit in the long run. due to my heavy weight, I feel a lot of thigh pain by doing squats and abs as well.

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