My Fitness Journey – Day 2


Hello friends, are you ready for the Day 2 of my fitness journey? Day 2 was quite tough for me because I was exhausted after coming back from 12 hours of night shift work. I felt like not working out but I convinced my mind to work out and cover some workouts to continue my fitness journey. I want to be consistent on this journey. I was just able to do 10 minutes of workout but I am happy with what I did because it was a feeling of winning over my procrastination.

Home Work-Out I covered

  1. Jumping Jack * 40
  2. High knee raise * 60
  3. Pushup * 10
  4. Plank * 60 sec
  5. squat * 15
  6. crunches * 20
  7. Lounges * 15 each and I managed to do only 2 repetitions.

Some of the images I clicked during my workout. Even, though the quality of the images is not so good but just post to track my progress and memory.

I went to the park for a walk in the evening. I love walking alone and sitting in solitude. When I was a student and worked during the daytime, I used to isolate my morning time for myself, just being on my own without using any gadgets, simply observing my thoughts and spending time with myself. After a 20-minute walk, I sat in the park observing kids playing. I found myself smiling, reminded of my childhood. It refreshed my mind and filled me with positivity.

Fitness journey

This is the video of my workout for documenting this journey via videography. I tried my best to use all possible ways to express and present my self-improvement journey.

My Challenges and Adjustments on this Fitness Journey

It is not so easy to do exercise at home after coming back to 12 hours of sleepless night shift. My body was already exhausted, so my body was not energetic enough to do the workout. I thought to do exercise in the evening after getting good sleep but once I got up in the evening, I would be starved and cannot work out again.

So I adjusted this situation by taking a rest after coming home. I took half an hour’s rest doing meditation and listening to hymn Buddhist music. Then I felt quite fresh and energetic and did the workout. this is all I can adjust and improve the situation we have been through instead of making excuses and complaining.


Overall, Day 2 was motivating and inspired me to be consistent on this journey. Tiny changes in our habits will make much difference in the long term. I am feeling the effect of a workout on my body as it starts to pain and grow. I hope my fitness challenge will inspire you and keep motivating your fitness journey. Always say day one instead of one day.

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